Sunday, August 17, 2008


DAERON, KingConquest of Dorne
—from George R. R. Martin's A Storm of Swords

DARKBLOOM, Vivian: My Cue
—from Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita

DARROW, Jr., Whitney: The Office Party
—from Seth's It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken

Code Name
Killer Among the Children
—from Roberto Bolano's 2666

DE KRAP, Hans: Mexican Fruitcake
—from Ed Park's "A Note to My Translator," Virgin Fiction

DE SELBY, Nicholas: Country Album
—from Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman and
Gilbert Sorrentino's Mulligan Stew

DEANE, Michael: The Deane's Way: How I Pitched Modern Hollywood to America and How You Can Pitch Success Into Your Life Too
—from Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins

DENBROUGH, Bill: Joanna, The Black Rapids
—from Stephen King's It

DENESTAN, Maester: Questions
—from George R. R. Martin's A Feast for Crows

DETECTIVE, Richard: Blackjack
—from Gilbert Sorrentino's Odd Number

DEVERELL, AngelAspasia, The Butterflies, An Eastern Tragedy, Irene, The Lady Irania, A Venetian Summer 
—from Elizabeth Taylor's Angel

DEVEREAUX, William Henry, Jr.: Off the Road
—from Richard Russo's Straight Man

[DICKENS, Charles]: 
Five Minutes in China. 3 vols.
Forty Winks at the Pyramids. 2 vols.
Abernethy on the Constitution. 2 vols.
Mr. Green's Overland Mail. 2 vols.
Captain Cook's Life of Savage. 2 vols.
A Carpenter's Bench of Bishops. 2 vols.
Toot's Universal Letter-Writer. 2 vols.
Orson's Art of Etiquette.
Downeaster's Complete Calculator.
History of the Middling Ages. 6 vols.
History of a Short Chancery Suit
Catalogue of Statues of the Duke of Wellington
Jonah's Account of the Whale.
Captain Parry's Virtues of Cold Tar.
Kant's Ancient Humbugs. 10 vols.
Bowwowdom. A Poem.
The Quarrelly Review. 4 vols.
The Gunpowder Magazine. 4 vols.
Steele. By the Author of "Ion."
The Art of Cutting the Teeth.
Matthew's Nursery Songs. 2 vols.
Paxton's Bloomers. 5 vols.
On the Use of Mercury by the Ancient Poets.
Drowsy's Recollections of Nothing. 3 vols.
Heavyside's Conversations with Nobody. 3 vols.
Commonplace Book of the Oldest Inhabitant. 2 vols.
Growler's Gruffiology, with Appendix. 4 vols.
The Books of Moses and Sons. 2 vols.
Burke (of Edinburgh) on the Sublime and Beautiful. 2 vols.
Teazer's Commentaries.
King Henry the Eighth's Evidences of Christianity. 5 vols.
Miss Biffin on Deportment.
Morrison's Pills Progress. 2 vols.
Lady Godiva on the Horse.
Munchausen's Modern Miracles. 4 vols.
Richardson's Show of Dramatic Literature. 12 vols.
Hansard's Guide to Refreshing Sleep. As many volumes as possible.
—from a "list of imitation book-backs,"to furnish Tavistock House, as set forth in a letter to "Mr. Eeles" (more here)

DISKANT, Tom: El Alamein, The Christmas Book, Coral Sea, The Films of Jack Oakie, Golf Courses of America, Hospitals Can Make You Sick, The Ins and Outs of Unemployment Insurance, The Pink Garage Gang, Rumble Seats and Running Boards: The Wheels of Yesteryear
—from Donald E. Westlake's A Likely Story

DIX, John Selmer, M.A.: With Wings as Eagles
—from Charles Portis's The Dog of the South

DODD, Lancaster, M.O.D., Ph.D., M.D.: The Split Saber
—from Paul Thomas Anderson's film The Master

DRIFFIELD, Edward: The Cup of Life
—from W. Somerset Maugham's Cakes and Ale

DRINKWATER, John: The Architecture of Country Houses
—from John Crowley's Little, Big

DUCHARME, Elisabeth: When the Train Passes—from Vladimir Nabokov's Bend Sinister


Postillion said...

Hm, does Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò, the Baron in the Trees, write a novel? Now, I have to go hunt that down.

Soo Jin

Doug French said...

no "The" at the start of Drinkwater's Architecture of Country Homes, at least in the first mention - Smokey in the library, "Houses and Histories"

Levi Stahl said...

Your correction entertains me greatly: I took the title from Crowley himself, who was kind enough to leave a list of his titles in a comment to a post at the Stranger's blog about the Invisible Library. But if you've checked the source . . .

Maybe I'll have to wait for the 25th Anniversary Edition of Little, Big to be sure.

Marianaria Sra. bibliotecaria said...

Dyer, George. Fiesta at Cala Fuerte. From Sleeping Tiger, by Rosamunde Pilcher.

evmore said...

Books to add:

The Five Hundred Year Diary and The Nine Hundred Year Diary written by The Doctor from the Doctor Who television programme.