Thursday, August 16, 2007


Invisible Librarian Ed on "Titles Within a Tale," in the New York Times Book Review.

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13th JUNE - 12th JULY [2009—closed]


Illustration collective INK and Literary foundation Real Fits take residency at the Tenderpixel Gallery for a month of unique events, construction of a hidden library filled with books that have been alluded to in novels by published writers but have never actually existed... until now. Once selected and written, the hidden novels will have their covers illustrated by INK. The Invisible Library will ask best selling writers Iain Sinclair and Saci Lloyd, cultural and musical figures, to be announced, and gallery attendees to write the opening or closing page of a 'hidden novel.'


For a full program of events, press release and further details visit here.

Some more photos can be found here.

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Taking down the Invisible Library exhibit:


INK said...

Thanks for the post! We will be putting lots of photos of the Invisible Library on our blog so have a look!

Eaglehavenwest said...

What about the book William Goldman says he got "The Princess Bride" from? A book by S.Morgenstern.

Unknown said...

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